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Welcome to Creative Graphic

Creative Graphic is one of the best Quality image editing service providers in Bangladesh. We have highly skilled team who are expert their own professional areas. So we are capable to provide any kind of image processing and album design services all over the World.

Our different services including Photo post production, photo enhancement, retouching, all kinds of wedding album design, baby birthday album design, Catalog, magazine page design. We are comprehensively supporting are valued clients around the world with quality and cost effective way and faster turnaround time.

We have an excellent global market experience and with well infrastructure and up to date technology in terms of software and hardware and are capable to handle an array of clients. We work on powerful workstations from apple, Intel’s, AMD brands. We have high speed optical fiber connectivity with Backup VSAT connectivity, Full featured Web Server, both LOCAL & WAN and with all known and popular software used for graphics, page design or web development productions.


  • iMac and Intel/AMD’s 3rd generation computers
  • Adobe Photoshop, Light room CS2/3/4/5/6 Suite, Adobe Illustrator, In Design
  • Mac OSX, Windows 8
  • 40+ workstation
  • Full duplex dedicated 10mpbs upload/download
  • High speed FTP server with unlimited space
  • Two redundant link
  • 4000 Square feet office
  • 45+ Station
  • Roam to expand more.

Our Skills

We are a talented team of trained editors concerned with crafting a client's story and connecting it to its desired audience. We bring talented designers, technologists, strategists and artists together to accentuate clients' brands through their product images that excite and engage users.

  • 50 Graphic Designers
  • 7 and half years experienced on an average
  • 3 working shift In a day
  • 24/7 Support
  • 3 Steps quality check

Feel free to do trial jobs in every service we provide. Make your decision easier by judging our quality and turnaround time at first.