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Raster to Vector

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What is the meaning of 'vector graphics or vectorization'

What is the difference?

Between vectors graphics formats and raster graphics formats ?

Vector graphics or vectorization is the application of geometrical factors like points, lines, curves, and different shapes, based on mathematical formulas, for the representations of images in computer graphics. These formats are generally complementary to raster graphics formats, which involve representation of images in the form of arrays of dots or pixels, typically used in photographic images. Bitmap Imaging is an example of raster graphics format in which every pixel is told where to go, while in vector graphics this is achieved using mathematical formulas in illustrator, we manually convert raster graphics/images into vector graphics. These vector-based Images can be scaled indefinitely without degrading, whereas this advantage is not available in bitmap formats. vectorizing is favored for all kinds of logos.

Creative Graphic Raster to vector conversion is known as raster to vector (R2V). It is a common method of converting bitmap dots into vector lines which enables them to be efficiently stored in a secure form. It is the most predominantly viable process of digitization adopted by CAD drafting service providers. Creative Graphic understands your CAD drafting needs and offer Raster to Vector conversion services that is cost-effective and of high quality. You can use our R2V services to convert engineering, architectural, mechanical and various technical drawings, maps, archive drawings, schematic diagrams even photos and other types of line artwork from raster to different vector formats AI, EPS, DWG, DGN, PDF etc. Creative Graphic Adopts customers' standards and sincerely committed to their satisfaction. R2V can include over 300 different image formats such as JPEG, PSD, PDF, GIF, TIFF, PDF etc. and convert them into fully editable multi-layer digital formats. We also offer R2V conversions services for logo vacuolization, vector graphics, vector stencils, vector clipart and vector web icons.

Creative Graphic Provides Raster to Vector Conversions Services with the following advantages. Production digital formats through raster vector conversion as per user requirement. Which can be easily editable at customer end? Differentiate special objects from the drawing/map and place them in separate layers as per requirement. Utilize blocks/attributes for raster vector conversion to capture the different type of objects such as door, windows, sanitary fixtures, electrical and lighting fixtures etc. and their related data to maintain uniformity in drawings. Our service is always faster turnaround.